Rigid circuit board is the most traditional circuit board form in the PCB world. They are still very popular today and are used in many products that consumers use everyday.

A rigid pcb is a form of circuit board that is structurally rigid but not flexible and therefore cannot be bent or bent. They consist of several different layers, such as a substrate layer, a copper layer, a solder mask and a wire mesh layer, which are joined together by adhesives and heating.

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Characteristics of Rigid PCB

1. Rigid PCB is a traditional PCB, it can not be like flexible PCB, because rigid PCB has FR4 reinforced, can not be twisted or folded into any shape, which is very useful for increasing stiffness.

2. Rigid PCBS consist of copper wires and copper wires that are incorporated on a board to connect the different components on the board. The substrate of the board is made of a rigid substrate, which gives the board rigidity and strength.

3. Computer motherboards are the best example of rigid PCBS with rigid substrate materials.

4. Once a rigid pcb is manufactured, it cannot be modified or folded into any other shape.

5. Rigid PCB is cheaper than flexible PCB. They are traditional PCBS that are widely used in many electronic products.

6. Flexible PCB and rigid PCB have their own limitations and advantages in terms of ease of use and usability. Both are used to connect multiple electronic components on a circuit board.

Applications of Rigid PCB

1. GPS unit

2. Computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

3. x ray

4. Heart monitor

5. CAT scan

6. Magnetic resonance imaging system

7. Aircraft cockpit instruments

8. Temperature sensor

9. Control tower instrument

For the Rigid Pcb Board, We are Good at:

HDI PCB boards, Multilayer PCB with blind and buried vias, High frequency PCB, High speed PCB boards and High TG PCB boards

The most common reason for using HDI technology is a significant increase in packaging density. In addition, overall space requirements are reduced will result in smaller board sizes and fewer layers.

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If you are looking for an option that is cost-effective and can be mass-produced, rigid PCBS are a good choice for you. They also tend to be more durable than other boards such as flexible PCBS.

Rigid plates are particularly popular in products and industries where it is essential that components remain fixed because they can cope with high temperatures and high levels of pressure over their service life.

At TOPFAST, our PCB service can meet all your needs, from rigid PCBS to HDI PCBS and PCB prototypes. If you are unsure of the right PCB for your product, please contact our team. We will be happy to point you in the right direction and provide you with a quote. We are a rigid pcb manufacturer, which provide high end  rigid pub with competitive price. We sell our high end products to all over the world. If you are interested in our products, please contact us!

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