Development Status And Development Prospect Of Flexible Circuit Board Industry

Nov. 20, 2019

With the upgrading of electronic products, especially consumer electronics such as smart phones, tablets, and wearable devices are developing faster and faster. With its advantages, Flexible PCB Circuit Board are more and more widely used in the field of electronic products, and their main characteristics are just to meet the needs of electronic products in terms of lightness and thinness, occupying an important position in electronic products.

Flexible PCB Circuit Board

Flexible PCB Circuit Board 

Circuit boards are generally divided into two categories, one is a Rigid PCB Board, the other is a flexible circuit board, and the rigid circuit board is mainly used in household appliances such as refrigerators. Flexible circuit is also called flexible circuit board. It is also called soft board. It has the advantages of light weight, thin thickness, good bending, high wiring density and less wiring space limitation. It is in line with the miniaturization of electronic products. The trend of mobility has gradually become an indispensable component of consumer electronics such as smartphones.

As a global consumer electronics manufacturing country, flexible circuit boards have huge demand in China, and domestic flexible circuit board companies are welcoming rapid development. Flexible electronic technology will drive the trillion-scale market, which is an opportunity to strive for the leap-forward development of the electronics industry and become a national pillar industry.

In recent years, flexible circuit boards have become a hot spot in the capital market. With the continuous breakthrough of electronic products, flexible circuit boards, with their unique advantages, continue to cater to the development trend of light, thin, short and small electronic products, and also play an important cornerstone role in the electronic information industry. At present, there are many Flexible PCB Circuit Board Supplier. At present, the three-dimensional wiring of the flexible circuit board reduces the connection point of the board surface, reduces the working time of the hard board during assembly, reduces errors generated during assembly of circuit components, and improves the stability of the circuit board in the entire electronic device. The structure can be freely bent around without worrying about breakage.

The early flexible circuit has been a lot, although the small size and small weight can be used to bypass, but the price of the soft board finished product is too high, so that it was only used for aerospace, military and other purposes. With the development of technology, flexible circuit boards have been widely used in various fields, such as medical equipment, power batteries, tablets, consumer electronics, smart wear, and automotive radar.

With the wide application of LED, portable electronics and smart wear, it has greatly promoted the development of soft boards, in addition to the current market demand for more sophisticated electronic products, and because the current PCB hard board can not adapt to the current electronics The shape of the design makes it possible to reduce key components in some products such as consumer electronics, even if the flexible circuit board does not reach the level of the hard board.

In short, the flexible circuit board series of products is one of the key high-tech industrialization areas that are currently being prioritized. With the continuous advancement of information technology and intelligent construction, the market demand for flexible circuit boards will also become larger and larger.

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