Keyboard PCB, the heart of the keyboard, is a printed circuit board where switches and everything else fits. 

There is no soldering to the mechanical keyboard PCB and any switch can be replaced or customized. 

Topfast can provide custom layout design from 40%,50%,60%,65%,75%,80% TKL to 100%, custom case keycaps,3 pin 5 pin switch supported.

Advantages of Keyboard PCB

1. Have a fully automated product production line, 100% of the products are over-electrically tested, with cost advantages and quality assurance;

2. The product cycle is short, and the fastest delivery can be 12 hours;

3. The product price is the most competitive in the market;

4. Sea, land and air logistics.

How Keyboard PCB Work?

All modern devices use PCBS or printed circuit boards. The PCB connects all the components inside the device to make them work properly. The working principle of the keyboard depends mainly on the PCB inside the keyboard, which is connected directly to the computer via connectors. The signal is sent via a key and directly to the computer. The board's compatibility is also determined by its size and layout.

What is a PCB in Mechanical Keyboards?

The PCB or printed circuit board is basically the brain of the keyboard. Printed circuit boards send signals to the computer so that we can press commands and keystrokes as we type. The PCB on the mechanical keyboard controls the entire keyboard.

Using a metal object that can act as a switch, gently touch the PCB with the metal object that will connect the contact point. Through this process, you will be able to see if all the keys on the panel are working. Also, the size of the PCB you will get will reflect the size of the entire keyboard.

Keyboards pcb come in different sizes, full size or 80%, 75%, 65% and 60%.

Value-added services of Keyboard PCB

1. 100% verification of engineering documents and suggestions for improvement;

2. The product has passed AOI inspection 100%;

3. First product confirmation;

4. Send photos to the customer for confirmation before the product is shipped;

5. Daily tracking of logistics after delivery;

6. 7*24 hours service online service.

What are the Features of Keyboard PCB?

The PCB on the keyboard has the same main function as the circuit board on other devices. They connect electronic components together to do their job. Its main function is to send the signal from the key.

After checking the PCB, the next thing to do is to clamp or screw the stabilizer onto the PCB. After this, you will hot swap or solder all the switches on the PCB. One thing to remember before soldering switches is that you can only remove or replace switches if you de-age them, this takes time and has the potential to damage your PCB.

Once the switch and key cap are installed, you can double check that all the keys on the PCB are working. This is to see if you can install the switch correctly. You can download software from sites such as VIA and QMK to draw key layouts.

The PCB layout determines the layout of the computer. In addition, since it is the brain of the keyboard, you will also find the terminal on the PCB. This is also where the connector is plugged into the PC.

Select a Suitable Keyboard PCB Supplier 

Keyboard pcb or printed circuit board is undoubtedly one of the most popular electronic devices today. Following this trend, some companies are also producing PCBS. In fact, a few minutes of searching can tell you how many manufacturers this list is. This certainly has an advantage - it makes the market more competitive. But there are also disadvantages, because there are so many choices, you always feel confused.

Topfast is your best keyboard pcb supplier! Topfast has high-quality technical experts to ensure the quality of products. Usually, PCB manufacturers can't meet your specific requirements, but we can do that! In Topfast, you can not only enjoy the highest quality keyboard pcb and the most competitive prices, but also enjoy the first-class service! 

We provide customized manufacturing services for PCB and PCBA, and specialize in OEM/ODM for customers.

We welcome you very much!  If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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