What is a Multilayer Circuit Board?

Feb. 15, 2020

Multi-layer circuit boards, as the name suggests, can be called a multi-layer circuit board with more than two layers, such as 4 Layers PCB, six layers, eight layers, and so on. Of course, some designs are three-layer or five-layer circuits, also called multilayer PCB board. Larger than the two-layer board, there is an insulating substrate between the layers. After each layer of the printed circuit is printed, it is laminated to overlap each layer of circuits. After that, a hole is drilled, and a via is used to achieve conduction between each layer of lines. The advantage of multi-layer PCB circuit board is that the circuit can be distributed in multiple layers for wiring, so that more precise products can be designed. Or smaller products can be achieved through multilayer boards. Such as: mobile phone circuit boards, miniature projectors, voice recorders and other relatively bulky products. In addition, multiple layers can increase design flexibility, better control of differential impedance and single-ended impedance, and better output of some signal frequencies.

Multilayer PCB Board

Multilayer PCB Board

Multilayer PCB Board is an inevitable product of the development of electronic technology towards high speed, multi-function, large capacity and small volume. With the continuous development of electronic technology, especially the extensive and in-depth application of large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, multilayer printed circuits are rapidly developing towards high density, high precision, and high-level digitalization. , Blind hole buried hole high plate thickness aperture ratio and other technologies to meet the needs of the market. Due to the computer and aerospace industry's need for high-speed circuits. Demand for further improvement in packaging density, coupled with the reduction in the size of discrete components and the rapid development of microelectronics, electronic equipment is developing in the direction of volume reduction and quality reduction; single and double-sided printed boards are no longer possible due to the limitation of available space To achieve a further increase in assembly density. Therefore, it is necessary to consider using more printed circuits than double-layered layers. This created the conditions for the emergence of multilayer circuit boards.

The above is the multilayer circuit board introduced by Multilayer Flexible PCB Manufacturer.

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