What is the Production Process and Technical Standard of PCB Board?

Jul. 03, 2019

Today Flexible Board Supplier like to tell you about the process and technical standard of PCB board.

Flexible Board Supplier

Flexible Board Supplier

The production process of PCB Board:

Cutting, inner layer, lamination, drilling, copper sinking, wiring, drawing electricity, etching, solder masking, characters, spray tin, edge cutting, v cutting, fly test , vacuum packaging, etc.

The technical standard for welding:

Electrostatic protection during PCB board soldering: Leakage and grounding.

①Welding process: clean the components to be removed, heat the soldering iron with a soldering iron, clean the soldering feet with a soldering tin, remove the old components, correctly put new components, heat the soldering feet, move the solder wire, and remove the solder wire and remove the soldering iron.

②Check solder joints: whether the solder joints are round, shiny, firm, and whether it has solder joints with surrounding components.