5 Common Types of Flexible Printed Circuits

Dec. 18, 2021

Not all electronic devices have rigid circuits. Flexible Printed Circuits (FPCs) have become more common in recent decades. They still consist of a conductive pathway that provides the electrical connection to the device, but FPCs feature a flexible substrate that is not found in rigid substrates. Although all FPCs are created on flexible substrates, they come in different types. PCB manufacturer TOPFAST introduces you.

5 Common Types of Flexible Printed Circuits


Single-sided FPCs are just like their name: they consist of a single-sided flexible substrate. Only one side of the flexible substrate has a conductive path. This side usually has some form of conductive metal that is used to create the conductive path. The other side remains empty and does not have any conductive pathways. Single-sided is one of the most common types of FPC.

Double Sided

Double-sided FPCs, also known as dual-access FPCs, have conductive paths on both sides. They are essentially the opposite of single-sided FPCs. Single-sided FPCs have a conductive path on only one side, while double-sided FPCs have a conductive path on both sides. They still have a flexible substrate. With double-sided FPCs, conductive paths can be created on both sides of that flexible substrate.


There are also multilayer FPCs. multilayer FPCs are characterized by the use of multiple layers. By definition, multilayer FPCs must have at least three separate layers. Other FPCs typically have one or two layers. Multilayer FPCs go a step further and require the use of at least three separate layers.

Rigid-Flexible Combination

When looking at some of the different types of FPCs, you may encounter a rigid-flexible bond. A rigid-flex is a unique type of FPC that, unlike other FPCs, is not a true FPC; instead, a rigid-flex is a hybrid circuit type that combines elements of an FPC and a rigid circuit.

Most rigid-flex FPCs have multiple layers. Some of the layers are rigid, while others are flexible. In this respect, rigid-flex FPCs are technically hybrid circuits.


Finally, there is the engraved FPC. what exactly is an engraved FPC? Engraved is a type of circuit defined by its production method. They are produced using etching. Etching is a production process that involves the creation of conductive paths. The conductive paths are etched into the substrate. Engraved FPCs are being produced using this engraving or etching process.

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