What is the Difference Between a PCB And an Integrated Circuit?

Apr. 01, 2020

PCB,also known as printed circuit board. It is an important electronic component, a support for electronic components, and a carrier for electrical connection of electronic components. Because it is made using electronic printing, it is called a "printed" circuit board. An integrated circuit is a miniature electronic device or component. Adopt a certain process to interconnect transistors, resistors, capacitors, inductors and other components and wiring required in a circuit, make it on a small or several small semiconductor wafers or dielectric substrates, and then package them in a tube case Into a micro-structure with the required circuit function. Let's follow the Rigid PCB Manufacturer to understand the difference between the two.

The characteristics of China's multilayer PCB boards are: 

1.Can be high density: For decades, the high density of printed boards can be developed with the integration of integrated circuits and advances in installation technology.

2. High reliability: Through a series of inspections, tests and aging tests, it can ensure that the PCB can work reliably for a long period of time (usually 20 years). 

3. Designability: For the various performance (electrical, physical, chemical, mechanical, etc.) requirements of the PCB, printed board design can be achieved through design standardization, standardization, etc., with short time and high efficiency. 

4. Producibility: Adopt modern management, can carry out standardization, scale (quantity), automation and other production, and ensure the consistency of product quality. 

5.Testability: Established relatively complete test methods, test standards, various test equipment and instruments to test and identify the qualification and service life of PCB products. Assemblability: PCB products are not only convenient for standardized assembly of various components, but also can be automated and large-scale mass production. At the same time, PCBs and various component assembly components can be assembled to form larger components and systems, up to the entire machine. 

6. Maintainability: Since PCB products and various component assembly components are standardized design and large-scale production, these components are also standardized. Therefore, once the system fails, it can be replaced quickly, easily and flexibly, and the system can be quickly resumed. Of course, you can give more examples. For example, the system can be miniaturized and lightened, and the signal transmission speed can be increased.

Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Board

The characteristics of the integrated circuit are that the integrated circuit has the advantages of small size, light weight, fewer lead wires and solder joints, long life, high reliability, good performance, etc. At the same time, the low cost facilitates mass production. It is not only widely used in industrial and civilian electronic equipment such as radio cassette recorders, televisions, computers, etc., but also widely used in military, communications, remote control and other aspects. The use of integrated circuits to assemble electronic equipment can increase assembly density by several tens to thousands of times over transistors, and the stable working time of the equipment can be greatly improved.

The difference between a PCB board and an integrated circuit is that integrated circuits generally refer to the integration of chips. Like the Northbridge chip on the motherboard, the internal CPU is called an integrated circuit, and the original name is also called an integrated block. The printed circuit refers to the circuit board and the like that we usually see, and there is a solder chip printed on the circuit board.

The integrated circuit (IC) is soldered on the PCB; the PCB version is the carrier of the integrated circuit (IC). The PCB board is a printed circuit board (PCB). Printed circuit boards are found in almost every electronic device. If there are electronic parts in a certain kind of equipment, the printed circuit boards are mounted on PCBs of various sizes. In addition to fixing various small parts, the main function of the printed circuit board is to electrically connect the various parts of it.

To put it simply, integrated circuits are integrated with a common circuit on a chip, which is a whole. Once there is damage inside, the chip is also damaged, and the PCB can solder components by itself, and can be replaced if it is broken.

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