The Difference Between PCB And PCBA

Sep. 10, 2019

Find here details of Buried PCB Board on our website. Today we would like to talk about the difference between PCB and PCBA.

PCB is also what we call the circuit board circuit board. The PCB drawing is processed into a circuit board circuit board called PCB. The SMT (SMD) is applied to the empty board of the PCB, and the components required for the board are called PCBA. The board that has been affixed with components only needs to be assembled with the outer casing, debugged the program, and a complete electronic product is completed.

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Rigid PCB

According to the survey, many small and medium-sized electronic product manufacturers have to avoid the trouble of contacting the patch manufacturers after purchasing PCB. More and more electronic product manufacturers will choose to let PCB manufacturers process patches at the same time as PCB production, or let patch manufacturers replace PCB. These two models, electronic product manufacturers, get the circuit board, you can directly assemble and use to produce the finished product. Many manufacturers that can only produce PCB, unconditionally processing PCBA, will lose customers who need simultaneous processing. Such customers choose manufacturers that have the ability to add at the same time, or choose a patch factory to let the patch factory purchase PCB. Many people may ask why the patch factory can purchase PCB, and why the PCB factory does not contact the patch factory. It is very simple for patch manufacturers to purchase PCB. They only need to provide customers with production drawings and production processes. Moreover, the PCB market price is very transparent and easy to purchase. PCB manufacturers do not understand the various components and prices. It is difficult to contact the patch factory for patch production, and only focus on the production PCB.

Since 2009, Rigid PCB Supplier has gradually expanded their plants while producing PCB and added PCBA processing lines. This one-step approach has been recognized by many electronics manufacturers. This method of simultaneous processing has advantages and disadvantages. Generation processors are increasing in profit margins, but at the same time the risks are increasing. The main reason is that the components required for each electronic product are different for the purchase of components for the customer. Even if the same product, the design drawings are different, and the components used are different. If the model purchased by the component is faulty, the board and components will be scrapped at the same time. The direct economic losses are also difficult to estimate. The increase in human and material resources is also inevitable. Under the pressure of market competition, the simultaneous processing of PCB and PCBA is also inevitable.

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