Introduction To OSP Process Of PCB Circuit Board

Sep. 21, 2019

Find here details of Buried PCB Board on our website. Today we would like to talk about introduction to osp process of PCB circuit board.

Printed circuit board method for saving manufacturing cost.

Buried PCB Board

Buried PCB Board

In order to make the cost of the PCB as low as possible, there are many factors shared by Industrial Control PCB Board Saler that must be considered:

The size of the board is naturally a focus. The smaller the board, the lower the cost. Part of the PCB size has become the standard, as long as the cost is reduced according to the size.

Using SMT will save you money than THT, because the parts on the PCB will be denser (and smaller).

On the other hand, if the parts on the board are dense, the wiring must be thinner and the equipment used should be relatively higher. At the same time, the materials used should be more advanced, and the wiring design must also be more careful, so as to avoid the problem that power consumption and the like may affect the circuit. The cost of these problems can be saved more than the reduction in PCB size.

The higher the number of layers, the higher the cost, but PCB with a small number of layers usually cause an increase in size.

Drilling takes time, so the fewer the guide holes, the better.

Buried holes are more expensive than via that run through all layers. Because the buried hole must be drilled before the joint.

The size of the holes in the board is determined by the diameter of the part pins. If there are different types of pin parts on the board, then because the machine can't use the same bit to drill all the holes, the relative time is spent, which also represents a relatively high manufacturing cost.

Electronic testing using flying probe detection is usually more expensive than optical. Generally optical testing is enough to ensure that there are no errors on the PCB.

All in all, the time and effort of manufacturers on the equipment is becoming more and more complicated. It is useful to understand the PCB manufacturing process, because when we compare motherboards, the board cost of the same performance may be different and the stability is different, which allows us to compare the capabilities of various vendors.

A good engineer can look at the motherboard design and know the quality of the design. You may not think so strong, but next time you get the motherboard or graphics card, you may wish to appreciate the beauty of PCB design!

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