What Aspects Of PCB Proofing Need To Pay Attention To?

Jul. 29, 2019

Here is a Flexible Board Supplier talking about the aspects of PCB proofing need to pay attention to.

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Multilayer PCB Price

Multilayer PCB Price

The 21st century is the Internet age. Electronic technology is the cornerstone of Internet development and the golden age of technological development. The technical requirements brought by advanced design and structure have put new PCB companies entering the market under heavy pressure on the basic equipment budget. We know that a complete electronic product is formed through layer processing. So what is the value of PCB board proofing?


When choosing a circuit board company, buyers pay special attention to the quality of the board. The choice of plates for PCB plates, the inks used, the rigor of the employees, and the rigor of the employees all affect the final quality of the board. The designed circuit board needs to be produced by the circuit board manufacturing company. From the first process of the circuit board production to the final process quality inspection, the PCB board proofing process must be carried out according to the strict production process. Each process must be equipped with appropriate testing and testing equipment, these process parameters and equipment to ensure the stability of the PCB quality.

2. Delivery period

Nowadays, most of the purchasing friends have experienced such a situation: the circuit board company promised that the PCB board proofing delivery will be delayed, and there are various reasons to delay the delivery. Many customers have to do PCB allegro, the process of fast PCB proofing is very cumbersome. If the manufacturer fails to strictly manage and control the order from the order to the production, then the production efficiency is likely to be low. On the contrary, PCB proofing companies can only improve production efficiency and ensure delivery speed only when strict process management is carried out in the production process.

3. Proofing process

Since PCB board proofing can also be carried out in a variety of different processes, in addition to paying attention to professional board proofing manufacturers, it is also necessary to pay special attention to the approval of the pcb proofing process used by the manufacturer to ensure the process configuration adopted by the manufacturer. It can meet the requirements of the company's circuit board design and manufacturing, and it can also test the flying probe after the PCB is proofed.

The above is a few points that pay special attention to the proofing of the PCB board. In addition, the company should pay attention to the good communication with the designers and operators of the proofing manufacturer when the board is proofing, and carefully check the relevant information when delivering the proofing materials. The packaging of the files and components should not cause the proof of failure or poor performance due to negligence in some minor matters.

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