The Line Mode Of PCB Manufacturers

Aug. 02, 2019

Here is Non Layered Rigid Flex PCB Supplier talking about the line mode of PCB manufactures.

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Rigid PCB Price

Rigid PCB Price

With the development of technology, advances in technology, electronic products are changing with each passing day, the PCB manufacturing industry has been widely used, and PCB manufacturers are more and more. So when it comes to PCB manufacturers, I believe many people are not very familiar with the way PCB manufacturers make circuits. What are you? Let's take a look at it.

There are two ways for PCB manufacturers to make circuits. One is made of dry film, the other is made of wet film. The dry film and wet film are used as raw materials for the circuit. The basic functions are similar. Dry film production operation It is very convenient to use, automatic film laminating machine, large-scale production, saving a lot of time and labor, but there are also drawbacks, that is, the price of dry film is much higher than the price of wet film, resulting in high cost, but dry film is easy Keep it clean and, without baking, for example, the environment is not very clean, the dry film is easier to control the quality of the operation, the hole can be covered, the precision is high, and the film is not formed. Most PCB manufacturers choose dry film stability. Convenience.

Compared with dry film production, the cost of wet film production is much lower, and the price of wet film itself is lower than that of dry film. However, wet film production cannot be automated, it is not as convenient and dry as dry film production. Holes, because the wet film is relatively thin, it is difficult to achieve high precision. The wet film also has its own advantages. The low cost of the wet film, good adhesion, good contact, good coverage, fast film release, can improve the utilization rate of the equipment, and it is easy to hair on the dry film board, resulting in broken film. The wet film is very good to avoid this phenomenon. If the surface is not flat, or it is not necessary to establish a thicker height, a wet film can be used.

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