• 65% keyboard pcb

65% keyboard pcb

Product Details

65% Keyboard PCB is the most important component used for the assembly of the popular mechanical keyboard, which has the characteristics of long-term use, simple process, easy maintenance, strong sense of rhythm when typing. 65% Keyboard PCB is suitable for a 68-key keyboard, adding direction and home/end/pageup/pagedown keys on the basis of 60% Keyboard PCB.

To build a custom 65% mechanical keyboard one of the components you must have is a PCB. PCB is an important component in a mechanical keyboard because the PCB is the center of information processing for the input you enter from the keys to be converted into input to the computer.

Moreover, this PCB supports multiple connectors like Type C, USB, Micro USB and WiFi. Colors and functions can be customized according to your requirements! As a leading pcb assembly service supplier and oem pcb manufacturer, Topfast specializes in the manufacturing of electronics pcb pcba and flexible pcb assembly with low cost price. Moreover, best quality assembled printed circuit board with low volume order is accepted as to your personal requirements! For detailed design consultation and technical support, please feel free to contact us!

Keyboard PCB Technical Capacity:

Keyboard Pcb40%50%60%65%75%80%/TKL95%
Layout           //iSO,ANSI
Color of PCBGreen、Black 、Orange、BlueCustomized
ConnectorType C、USB、Micro USB、WiFi
MaterialTG170-180 Fr4、Customized
FunctionHot swap,Blue-Tooth,Wireless/Wired,RGB,Customized.


ProgramQMK/VIA supported
AssemblyBare keyboard pcb board/PCB Assembly 

Gerber File

Customized keyboard pcb design 
Bom ListCustomized keyboard pcba design 

custom 65% Keyboard PCB is the most popula keyboard and is widely used by mechanical custom keyboard enthusiasts. This is the best PCB on the market today that supports the hot swappable switch feature with 3 pins. This PCB also has RGB lights that light up individually on each of the cool switch ports with various animation options that you can customize to your taste. This PCB has a USB port that supports USB Type C.

keyboard pcb Details:

65% Keyboard PCB,Keyboard PCB Manufacturing

  • 65% Layout with 67 keys(BM65 doesn't mean the PCB only has 65 keys, 65% is size type)

  • Fully programmable PCB

  • Full hot-swappable switch sockets

  • Full RGB switches LEDs (With kinds of LED effects)

  • 6 bottom RGB underglow LEDs (pre-soldered)

  • All components of the board have been pre-soldered so the PCB is ready for key switches and LEDs

  • Type C port

Keyboard pcb Layout design:

65% Keyboard PCB,Keyboard PCB Manufacturing

Note: Before soldering switches, please use tweezers or iron wire to test all keys and LEDs to make sure all functions work properly. To avoid damaging hot swapping sockets, please make sure your switches' pin is vertical, and you'd better not take used key switches with soldering tin.

Keyboard PCB SMT Process:

65% Keyboard PCB,Keyboard PCB Manufacturing

Keyboard PCB layout sample:

65% Keyboard PCB,Keyboard PCB Manufacturing

65% Keyboard PCB,Keyboard PCB Manufacturing

Why choose us?

We can support you about 65% Keybord PCB research and development efforts and meet you fast life cycles, 

we have set a separated department where the exclusive production planner will follow your orders production 

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65% Keyboard PCB,Keyboard PCB Manufacturing

65% Keyboard PCB,Keyboard PCB Manufacturing

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65% Keyboard PCB,Keyboard PCB Manufacturing

Clients with Topfast:

65% Keyboard PCB,Keyboard PCB Manufacturing

65% Keyboard PCB,Keyboard PCB Manufacturing

65% Keyboard PCB,Keyboard PCB Manufacturing

65% Keyboard PCB,Keyboard PCB Manufacturing


Q1:Could you give me a cost about prototype keyboard pcb if i sent you the files (gerber/BOM list/and kiCad files) and the desired modifications?

A1:with gerber/bom list/kicad file,we could quote for the prototype keyboard pcb within 2 hours

Q2:Could you make keyboard pcb design for me?Also is your offer including a QMK/VIA firmware port for the keyboard pcb board?

A2:we provide one stop keyboard pcb service and for the QMK/VIA are supported.

Q3:Is your offer also including exclusivity of the developed product and full posession of the developed production files?

A3:yes,it include the copyright management.

Q4:Regarding the development/production of a daughter board,can you provide this as well and is it included in the price?

A4:sure,the quotation for the keyboard pcb also with daughter board,jst connector.

Q5:If the offer doesn't include keyboard pcb production files,what would your offer for that look like?

A5:If need custom keyboard pcb,and price all bases on your requirements about the pcb.

Q6:How can you ensure the quality of the keyboard PCB?

A6:Our keyboard PCB with 100% test including Flying Probe Test,E-test and AOI.

Q7:What is your minimum order quantity?

A7:For keyboard pcb,the MOQ is 1 pcs.

65% keyboard pcb

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